Pre–Conference Workshop – Wednesday 14 June 2017

Workshops: Session 1 - 13.30hrs – 15.00hrs





Project Able – Promoting Autism awareness with in the workplace – Showcasing a newly designed employer toolkit. Funded by the ERAMUS+ Programme of the EU

Project Able Partner


Project SEARCH: Issues in achieving sustainable funding for a high achieving model.

Anne O’Bryan and Carmel McKeogh, Project Search (UK)

A Better Slice of Life.

Irene Moore, Christian Horizons and Dr Helena Jaczek, Minister of Community & Social Services, Ontario  (Canada)


Supported Employment Quality Framework Funded by the ERAMUS+ Programme of the EU.

Karen Warson, SUEM (Belgium) and Huw Davies, BASE (England)

SEQF Project Partners

Workshops: Session 2  - 15.30hrs – 17.00hrs





Disability, Employment, Security, Career (DESC)

Henri-Pierre Lagarrique, LADAPT, Andre Felix  (EASPD) and Dr Fabrizio Fea (Scuola Viva Onlus)


Strategies for professional integration and reintegration for persons with chronic diseases and mental health issues (Pathway Project.)

Chiara Scaratti, Istituto Besta (Italy) and Asel Kadyrbaeva (EASPD)



Leveraging Partnerships for Student’s Success: Engaging Employers, Agencies and Parents.

Kimberly Osmani, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services(USA)

Supporting Internships: best practice in supporting young people with learning disabilities into employment.

Susan Allott, Remploy (UK)

Data Collection and Research Workshop – Wednesday 14 June 2017

Time:            13.30hrs – 17.00hrs
Room:           Main Room - Glen Suite & Breakout Session Room – Riverview 3

Plenary Session Presentation

Research Presentations - Session 1 - 14.00hrs – 15.00hrs




Tools and Methodologies


Supported Employment and Poverty: no success without the generalist.

Laura Van Cauwenbergh, de ploeg vzw, (Belgium)

Individual Placement and Support for people with Spinal Cord Injury: From Research to Practice.

Dr Lisa Ottomanelli - Slone, Centre of Innovation on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, Department of Veterans Affairs, (USA)

Ways to the goal of getting a job.  Model development for work inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities.

Grete Wangen, Work Research Institute at the University College of Oslo and Akershus, (Norway)

Stakeholders View



Employers’ Experiences of employee with intellectual disabilities.

Simo Klem, The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD), (Finland)

Supported Employment:  Favourable attitudes for the implementation of inclusion strategies for people with disabilities.

Fernando Vidoi, Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, (Brazil)

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment in the Basque Country as perceived by people with disabilities.

Mohammad Al-Rashaida, University of Deusto, (Spain)

Research Presentations – Session 2- 15.30hrs  – 16.10hrs




Tools and Methodologies


Cognitive measures of stress, self-beliefs and wellbeing in disabled clients of Supported Employment services in Poland.

Rafal Dziurla, Polish Union of Supported Employment, (Poland)

Preventing long-term absence of employees with psychological complaints: A tool for general practitioners.

Dr Inge Nevens, Lucas KU Leuven, (Belgium)



Different Developments in Supported Employment policies.

Angela Wegscheider, Johannes Kepler University Linz, (Austria)

Participatory research design in a research project: “Supported Employment for migrants with significant assistant needs”.

Dr Tatiana Maximova-Mentzoni, Work Research Institute at the University College of Oslo and, Akershus (Norway)


1st World Conference on Supported Employment – Employment for All, A Global Perspective

Day 1: Plenary Session - Thursday 15 June 2017

Video Messages

View Plenary Session Presentation >

  • The impact on and challenges to the Member State of Article 27 of UNCRPD: China as an example. Prof Zhian, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
  • Fashion you buy, Style you wear - Laura Green, Serendipity (BBC interview)
  • The right to work: Successful employment models. Wilfried Kainz, Zero Project 
  • Opening address Sharron Russell, Director of Pensions, Disability & Corporate Services, Department for Communities
  • Towards a future with better inclusion.  Mathilde Tabary – Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Carrefour Group and Former Chair of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Global Business and Disability Network
  • Microsoft: A Supported Employment Perspective, Brian Collins, Microsoft

Breakout Sessions – Thursday 15 June 2017

Theme:          Right to Work – 11.50hrs – 12.50hrs





Nothing About Us Without US? The Role of Disabled People in Shaping Employment Strategy, Policy and Practice.

Sean Fitzsimons and Peer Employment Advocates, Disability Action, (N Ireland)

Make It Work: Where People Meet Policy.

Joan O’Donnell and Eileen Daly, Disability Federation of Ireland, (Ireland)


Supported Employment for people with significant disabilities.

Berit Blesinger, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft fur Unterstutzte Beschaftigung e.V. (BAG)

Inclusive Entrepreneurship.

Gary Shaheen, Social Dynamics (USA)UB), Germany


The economic impact of inclusion in the open labour market for persons with disabilities.

Dr Stephen Beyer, Cardiff University, (Wales)

Influence of Supported Employment programme in the perceived quality of life of workers with disabilities.

Almudena Martorell, Carmen Pardo Valcarce Foundation and Alfonso Gutierrez Caballero, AESE, (Spain)


Meant to Work – A peer mentoring focus on Supported Employment model for young people Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEETS).

Dearbhla Holohan and Tina Hartley, Include Youth and Megan Douglas, Proud Hardworking Foods, (N Ireland)

The Role of Trade Unions in promoting employment for people with disabilities in Africa.

Vincent Kaduma. Disability Advocate (Tanzania) and Andrea Brown, Director, Disability Aid Abroad, (N Ireland)


Employment First: A new day for day services.

Laura Owens, TransCen, Inc., (USA)

Supported Employment Practice.

Bernadette Grosyeux, Centre de la Gabrielle – MFPASS, (France)


Employment For All Awards Nominations

Supported Employment and Career Management - ACCESS.

Andrea Seeger and Bjorn Ballbach, ACCESS, Germany

Job in Sight (JiS) - Activa Foundation.

Orjan Samuelsson, Activa Foundation, Sweden

ONCE Employment Programme.

Barbara Palau and Elena Gasto ONCE, Spain

Theme 2 – Economy and Employers

Breakout Sessions – Thursday 15 June 2017

Theme: Economy and Employers - 15.40hrs – 16.40hrs





Disability Confidence in Business Network – Eating the Elephant one bite at a time.

Dr Helen McQuillan & Karen Kelleher, EmployAbility, Clare and Ursula McKenzie, EmployAbility, Limerick, Ireland


Improving your outcomes by Engaging Business on their Turf.

Joe Dale, Ontario Disability Employment Network and Centre for Excellence, (Canada)

Inclusive Job Design.

Dr Brigette van Lierop, Disworks, (Netherlands)


Support for ALL Sectors, from ALL Sectors.

Terry Park, Department for Communities,  (N Ireland)

Expanding Employment Opportunities through Business Relationships.

Laura Owens, TransCen  Inc., (USA)


Supported Employment in Chile.

Constanza Lopez, AVANZA, (Chile)

Strong Support for Employment of Deaf People in Finland (Poveri-Project).

Kaisa Peramaki, The Service Foundation for Deaf People,(Finland)


Supporting Employers to become disability friendly.

Joanne McDonald and Paul McGowan, Mencap, (N Ireland)

How to make it work? – co-operation between a supported employment provider (NGO) and employer on the basis of experiences of Open Door Association and SUEZ Poland.

Paulina Sontowska, Open Door Association & Pael Bechcinski, SUEZ Poland


Panel Discussion Theme – Self Employment and Entrepreneurship.

  • Monica Leonardo, APEA (Portugal) – Panel Lead
  • Jeanine Pavla, New England Business Associates, (USA)
  • Ana Rita Ferreira Ramos, AERLIS, (Portugal)
  • Gary Shaheen, Social Dynamics, (USA)
  • Nathalie Smets, SEEDS Project (Belgium)


Employment for All Awards – Employer Nominations

ALI (All Labor Integration) – Equal opportunities for all.

Lorena Sanchez Calzas and Raquel Blanco Delgado, Carrefour, (Spain)

Enhancing early breast cancer detection through the tactile capabilities of blind and visually impaired women.

Stefan Wilhelm, Discovering Hands, (Germany)

Trainee Programme for Persons with Disabilities, Department of Primary Health and Social Affairs, Oslo.

Siri Koch-Larsen and Desiree Buen Harrison, City of Oslo, (Norway)


Day 2: Plenary Session Friday 16 June 2017

View Plenary Session Presentation >

  • Jeroen Jutte, European Commission, Head of Unit Employment and Social Aspects of European Semester in Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
  • Support All by Building Bridges, Fons Leroy, President of the European Network of Public Employment Services
  • Mind Your Business, David Meade, Motivational Speaker

Theme:          Tools and Methodologies - 11.30hrs – 12.30hrs  





Engage for Success.

David Meade, Motivational Speaker, (N Ireland)


Panel Discussion – Individual Placement and Support Model (IPS).

  • David Badington, Action Mental Health, (N Ireland), Panel Lead
  • Sonia Abelanski, Habita Alternatif Social (France)
  • Aisling Curran, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, (N Ireland)
  • Patrick Ruppol, SUEM, (Belgium)
  • Jana Ponikvar, SENTPRIMA , (Slovenia)
  • Tina Ylitorvi, Estkistuna Kommun, (Sweden)


Panel Discussion – Transition from school to employment.

  • Stephen Matthews, Cedar Foundation, (N Ireland) Panel lead
  • Elaine Katz, Kessler Foundation, (USA)
  • Thomas Mueller, Steinholzli Bildungswege, (Switzerland)
  • Kimberly Osmani, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, (USA)


Let’s connect – Application of a social capital model for increasing employment access.

Dr Wendy Parent-Johnston & Dr Richard Parent-Johnston, University of South Dakota Centre for Disabilities, (USA)

Increasing Organisations Accountability and Performance of Supported Employment Providers.

Jeannine Pavlak, New England Business Associates, (USA)


Focus on ability – Story Telling.

Martin Wren, NOVA Employment/Focus on ability, (Australia)

Progression to Employment: On/Off Job Support – Making it Work.

Laura Euler and Victoria Redmond, Triangle Progression to Employment, (N Ireland)


The AS Passport: Creating seamless cost effective Assistive Technology (AS).

Siobhan Long, ENABLE, (Ireland)

Digital Skills Development: the role of vocational training and social care providers.

Evert Jan Hoogerwef, AIAS Bologna onlus, (Italy) and Andreas Koth, EVBB, (Germany

Theme:          Legal Framework and Policy – 13.45hrs – 14.45hrs





Policy Advocacy on Supported Employment in mainland China.

Haibin Zhou, Inclusion China, (China)

Establishing a National Network Organisation.

Annette Borrows, Canadian Association of Supported Employment (CASE), (Canada)


Panel Discussion – Legal Frameworks and Policy Perspectives in Other Countries.

  • Luk Zelderloo, EASPD (Belgium) Panel Lead
  • Demet Gulaldi, Kadikoy Municipality, (Turkey)
  • Dr Yuichiro Haruna, National Institute of Vocational Rehabilitation, (Japan)
  • Dr Aleksandra Tabaj, University Rehabilitation Institute Republic of Slovenia, (Slovenia)


Engage To Change: Transition to Employment Research.

Dr Elisa Vigna & Andrea Meek, National Centre for Mental Health, (Wales)

What’s the next Big Idea?

David Hoff, Institute for Community Inclusion, Boston, (USA)


Panel Discussion – Supported Employment for people from disadvantaged situations.

  • Huw Davies, BASE (England) Panel Lead
  • Dr Massimo Ellul, Malta Association of Supported Employment, (Malta)
  • Marlene Mayrhofer, osb Consulting Gmbh, (Austria)
  • Markus Neuherz, dabei-Austria, (Austria)


All in Edinburgh: Leading consortia to deliver Supported Employment.

Lianne Williams & Jamie Rutherford, ENABLE, (Scotland)

Supported Employment Solution: A Northern Ireland partnership providing effective service delivery and informing policy development.

Kieran Molloy and Peter Shields, Supported Employment Solutions, (N Ireland)


Sector covenants – Moving towards a more inclusive labour market through agreements.

Ariane Rober, Flemish Department of Works and Social Economy, (Belgium)

ERAMUS+ Project to Association:  Supported Employment Practice for People with Intellectual Disability.

Elif Develi, Yeditepe University, (Turkey)


Sheltered Employment – Threats and Challenges in Changing Socio-Economic Environment.

Irene Kopetz and Marta Cid, Plataforma Educativa Foundation, Montse Aulines, Ramon Noguera Foundation Grup Fundació (Spain), Josep Maria Sole Chavero (Drissa Foundation)

Draft Bill for a National Public Employment Policy Supported in Brazil.

Fernando Vidoi Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, (Brazil)